Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Aviation how safe it is in this political and economical unrest?

When we talk aviation, we used to talk about travelling and how glamorous it was, but now a days aviation has become more about profit that anything else, which is normal since we are a part if a capitalist world, which it kind of goes well for some passengers but others might think that flying has evolved in something dreadful and something they try to skip it. Low cost airlines has been cramping passengers like a public bus, if you want to sit in comfortable seat you have to pay a lot more, and don't get me started about the carry-ons and the luggage, meanwhile flag carrier airlines are using other things to make profit, which is politics and the technological advancement subventioned by governments and airlines are using these trick and tweaks to reduce the cost of maintenance, which brings up the question: Is the airline industry still safe ? With government still owning shares of major airlines, things might tend to be unseen, either hiring cheap labour or not caring how much the price of the parts would be as long as they are cheap and it won't cost them an extra dime, airlines don't seem to care anymore, they say the prices of fuel have risen, but people are still paying the big buck for a two hour flight ! Either it is a scam and they want us passengers to think that it is normal for ticket prices to be that high or they are actually struggling, which find it quite hard to believe because 2016 was the best year for the aviation industry, and airlines doesn't just invest in a new route or buys more than 100 new aircrafts just because, investment doesn't just rise from the ashes, it rises from the profit that has been made. Hopefully the airlines industry will evolve in something better and stop acting like it is struggling.

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