Monday, August 15, 2016

You can put a price on luxury but you can never put a price on time...

As far as I know, one of the reasons which Concord ceased its operations was this : fuel prices got expensive therefor its' plane fare was going to be ridiculous.
Thinking of it, and if we jump to the middle east and by that I mean taking in consideration three of the biggest and most going forward airlines as well known as the Giants of the Arabian Golf: Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad airways. Well why I am talking about them?, actually who isn't, most of aviation blogs, websites, magazines... are mentioning them, since they get free marketing from random people, for starters my blog, they intrigue me on how they work, how they market their brand without spending much, of cours if you compare to other flag carrier airlines, Golf companies tend to do things big and differently.

But lets go back to concord and why did it stop and its direct connection to mega golf companies and go back to Pan American Airlines and the B707 how it was created and how it stayed, lasted and developed into what we have today a larger market for airlines to choose from, the two biggest rivals now are Boeing and Airbus other for business-jets like Embraer, Bombardier, Golfstream... which some of these companies are playing against the big guys, selling their products to some companies which most of them are low cost airlines or subsidiaries, and the other question is the following : Where did the super-sonic jet age go ? why the giants of the golf, are not pushing the aircraft manufacturers to build a super sonic airplane.
Well as far as I am concerned if you want to play against the big guys at least set up you own standards and set up your game.

By that I mean, instead of making a twin engine plane that uses less fuel, why don't they make a new technology, actually it won't be made from scratch and it will not be that much work it will be basically an update for Concord or Concord 2.0, with today advancements and the amount of information that one takes in a minute is tremendous, quite frankly I sometimes get dizzy from it, which leads to, finding the accurate people for the job, is quite easy, they did it before why not now, it will be easier.

One other argument for concord to come back is : Etihad new apartment or " The residence " (A380-800) class with a price tag of more than 50000€ per person, I think concord fare might be less than that, and three times faster. So what is the hold on the super sonic, I think our age is the age of fast time and fast communications, and aviation industry is few years behind, it used to be an industry of innovation but now everything is the same, the only innovation that they are doing is innovating bank accounts, less fuel, same price tag, marketing them selves as clean maniacs just to get more money in, instead of pushing the manufacturers to build something new and innovating they are ordering hundreds of already made aircraft.

Why did I connect Concord to the Giants of the golf ? Let's dot the i, these companies are the new Pan American they are innovating new services, new standards for the airline industry as others did back in the 70s and before, I think if an Airline company manages to sell tickets as high as 50000€ they can still manage to sell plane fares on a super sonic jet. 

Us humans we have an interesting brain that functions in ways that it can be quite amazing, today and taking in consideration the past, the word impossible was deleted from our universal culture, so saying concord will never and it is impossible for its' come back I say that it a lie and there is another reason hidden behind it.

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