Monday, December 07, 2015

Irony in the aviation industry

Back in the days, aviation was something extravagant, only the elite could afford it.
From the propeller to the jet engine. Fuel has been draining the industry which is one of the reasons concord can’t fly anymore, the prices of the tickets got so high that it couldn’t be affordable to the elite, they would rather charter a Privat-jet than be in a commercial flight. Man kind has done something which they did not think through. 

Well if you come to think of it, now fuel, fuel substitutes and efficient aircraft are the new trend because of the past. They never though of this before. It is like someone who just won the lottery and spend their money, in the end nothing is left. What is happening ? I find it quite ironic how the industry works. There were alot of fuel back then and there were no problems, beside the rich who could afford it, but the tickets, back then, were quite high for that time but now, thinking of everything, basically nothing has changed ticket prices are still high and the service of the airline industry has gone down. Aviation has lost its charm of luxury and good quality and decent service for everyone. 

Why I boarded this subject ?

This subject intrigued me for a certain time and I find it quite interesting. 
Well lets begin with this, the airline companies, they buy the fuel and everybody knows that and they want to make profit, it is understandable and good for developing the company especially if it is a flag carrier airline, but they found an idea from who knows of making the aircraft lighter it will help with the consumption of fuel but the tickets are still really high. Some airlines don’t even serve good food inflight there is no platter nothing, just a small sandwich in a paper box for a flight that lasts 2 hours or more on an A320 barely 80% full and paying full price we are talking about more than 400€ economy class and by the way there is no competition in this route. What is the point of doing that ? I think airlines are doing it in a bad manner, well as far as I know airlines do that especially for the routes that only that airline is operating where there is no competition, they might think it is good but I think it is bad, well I don’t think they should trust their intuition after what happened with the fuel prices. If there is only one airline operating at least be worthy, perfect service low prices it will attract more costumers and therefore the airline might upgrade its frequency, from three times per week to 5 or even daily flights.

When I said irony I ment this : the airline industry doesn’t learn from its' mistakes they are searching for fuel now, and then for pilots and at the end for costumers, I think they don’t learn from each other mistakes well beside the aircraft manufacterers they do, well I hope so.

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