Saturday, June 13, 2015

why people who don't know how the airline industry works tend to make comments ?

The airline industry has it's people. People who are interested in that field, they are Pilots, engineers  potential airline workers or just passionate people and aeronautics is their hobby. They are the only people who are allowed to make comments about it because they know every thing about it and they know how it works.

I get mad about comments in Social Media, people who are in aviation groups who make the most ridiculous comments ever and they are really stubborn if someone says to them there is no such aircraft, they get furious, words get said and from a debate between people becomes a war until the group admin deletes it once and for all. These people they don’t only exist in social media but they do the same thing in real life when they are talking to people face to face and horrible things gets said. It is like someone who thinks that Armani is a type of Pasta and they go work at Vogue. At least be civilized search the internet before you say things that hurt other people, no body is 100% right even us aviation geeks when we say something it has to be sure 100% because a type of aircraft or a mistaken technical word can lead to wrong information. You may say they are amateur and they want to learn and making mistakes is a part of the deal, I really agree with that point : ‘but when someone fixes their mistakes they should not be stubborn'. For the cherry on top News Channels which is the big irony, they have connections every where when there is a scoop for a crash or something happened they get the information from investigators them selves or the CEOs but still most of the times they create their own aircraft names like the A747 with a picture of an A320 or any thing else, how do they manage to do it, "I really want to know" that is an enigma for me, investigators can never be wrong and the name of the aircraft is literally in-scripted in the airplane it self.The last time i wrote an article about the pilots and their future in the industry you may think it is not relevant to our subject but it is. Three years ago I was talking to a « friend » (air quote ) and he told me that he wanted to become a pilot so as we know I began talking about aircrafts the new generations AC, airlines and then he stopped me with this question « What is the difference between Airbus and Boeing ? » of cours this was my answer « You don’t know what is the difference between these two and you want to become a Pilot » and then I explained and then he told me « I though airbus was american made » so I walked away and by the way he is studying to become a pilot, still. These people should not be accepted as pilots. Being a Pilot is not about the money, but being a Pilot is about the love that you feel towards airplanes you make people closer, the sky is no longer the limit, it is the only job where a person never gets bored of. I think there should be no more Private Companies who accept people to become pilots just because they have money I think they should do a sorting before you get accepted. Like all private universities do if you want to apply to Harvard or Oxford for a certain program you must qualify first.

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