Monday, May 04, 2015

Are pilots place in the industry in jeopardy ?

 Airbus, Boeing .... are they planing to phase out pilots ? Or are they obliged to do that because of airline compagnies ? How airline compagnies will convince the passengers are in a safe hand ?

If we go back in the history line, and see how the B707, the B747 and concorde were invented, actually the airline compagnies are the ones who asked for such things to happen when it comes to the 707 or the 747 Pan Am had an agreement with the american manufacturer to build and produce such aircrafts and they ordered them even before the program began which means financing the manufacturer. But still phasing out pilots it will take years until they can accomplish that perfection. Aircraft now a days are not even that accurate when it comes to systems on board, most of the time the pilots have to disengage it and fly the bird old school. something else, how can a computer deal with the weather that changes every second ? . If we remember flight AF447, because of the weather the autopilot disengaged and even the pilots couldn't rescue it.
You may wonder how I got this subject in my mind well I was talking to my friend once and he told me, did you hear about the airline manufacturers are trying to phase out pilots I told him let me tell you why it will take years before it can even happen and I gave him these arguments :

- the aircraft system is not even close enough to perfection.
- the weather changes all the time ( pitot tubes on the AF447 and how radars couldn't get any information).
- cross-wind landing.
- system bugs.
- no delays in airports for the aircraft to land on time.
- over croweded airports.
- emergency landings when cruising.
- bird strike when taking off, a computer can never land on the hudson river.
- how can they make the passengers trust the aircraft because now most of the passengers don't even trust it. 

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