Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Just to dot the "i"

this the the B737-700VIP = BBJ
There has been a rumor rounding on Facebook about the Tunisian Ex-president A340-500 got sold to a Saoudi citizen. First they said it is a boeing 340 I know ! right ! but you can expect this from any normal journal but it was all over the place in the Tunisian News : Print media, radio stations ... but let me clear something. Such an aircraft doesn't exist the Boeing 340 was and will never get built actually its name is airbus A340-500. The aircraft was bought from kingfisher airlines by the Tunisian ex president (under Tunisair) for his vocations with his family, but lets talk about the aircraft itself. As I said it an A340-500, it was bought from Kingfisher airlines was reconfigured by Sabena Technique the company that reconfigured the French Presidential Aircraft in Bordeaux to become presidential. You may wonder why Tunisair didn't use the aircraft for its long haul flights instead they put it on sale and waiting for the money to purchase the A330-200 but the worse has happend ZABA flew out from the country a several weeks after the internal configuration of the A340 ( fuel reservoir, presidential system ... )
this is the A340-500 it has 4 engines and longer than the B737-700BBJ
even though some say that Tunisair doesn't have the resources to fly the Aircraft it's not true because it's an airbus and Tunisair fleet is composed, mainly of A320 and the Tunisian pliots are one of the best in the world so a few hours of training will be enough to fly the thing and some say Tunis Carthage airport can not handle the Aircraft to be kept in it or even the maintenance of Tunisair is not capable of handling such a huge aircraft but get this Emirates comes with the A340-500 to Tunis Carthage from DXB so I think they can handle it's maintenance (rumor alert) ... wierd !  but anyways, a week after ZABA flew the country "running away" ( with the BBJ=B737-700VIP ) the A340-500 reconfiguration was terminated it was fitted with a VIP entirior apperantly Louis Vuitton did the leather and every thing else so it is actually really expensive no such thing will be sold for only 110 million euros but they said that the aircraft it was sold to an Saoudi Citizen which is not true the AC is still in Bordeaux waiting for its buyer to come which it will be quite hard because it is a presidential and fitted with high-end security. Finding a buyer will be a challenge. The other rumor is the BBJ. The B737-700VIP can not be sold because every president needs to have an aircraft to fly on, he can not buy a ticket from an Airline to fly to his destinations that is quite disturbing and from latests reports they said that AC is in Jeddah Int'l Airport, after the revolution the pilot spoke on TV about the flight he said that they flew back with the BBJ and left Ben Ali there also I personally saw the aircraft so many times taking off from Tunis Carthage once over EL MANZAH 1 (Morning) in Tunis and the other time on the high way A1 route Ben Arous I saw the tail and I found it on flightradar24 ...  and for the cherry on top here is an other argument that proves what I said from the LEPOINT.fr they say it all 

Thank you all.

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