Friday, February 06, 2015

The Queen for Emirates ?

Emirates CEO Tim Clark said that he would buy 100 A380 if Airbus lunches the A380neo and if not they should forget about futur orders. "telling Airbus to either develop an A380Neo or forget about future orders" (source : ) and they are not just asking airbus to develop and make a better A380 called A380neo but they are asking Rolls Royce to develop a better engine faster, fuel efficient and less heavy because as far as they are concerned the A380 didn't change us much since it's launch in 2007 (First flight in 2005) of cours Airbus cares for Emirates voice well it is quite crystal clear we know it represents 44% of Airbus A380 orders (largest A380 operator in the world) and Airbus don't want to loose it's favorite customer with 58 in service and 82 on order all of them fitted with Engine Alliance but later deliveries are still yet undecided just waiting to see if the European Aircraft Manufacturer will indeed improve it's Big Baby and make every one happy. Still Emirates doesn't stop there she wants a fuel reduction by 10% in the A380neo to improve it's revenues by more than 12% and the CEO is asking about the B747-8i with improvement packages yet it's fuel reduction is quite unclear but the Seattle based Manufacturer ( Everett, Renton and South Carolina) is running a PIP named Project Ozrak and if we want to know why Emirates didn't do firm orders of the B747-8i or any B747-400 beside the cargo version actually because it is not in it's plan which was only based and fitted for the A380 but still comparing with the B777-8 and B777-9 which the UAE flag carrier airline is the lunch customer while the seating chart will be higher if they uses the new born Queen of the skies well Emirates opted for the B777 to replace the B777-200s and the B747-8i will give the Airline 40 more passengers on each flight versus the triple seven. Beside that Airbus is having trouble to maintain and add more orders for it's favorite plane to make it live more than it's competitor has aka the B747.

And to sum up here is what Tim Clark said to the ATW :
source :

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