Sunday, February 08, 2015

Flying has become more Glamorous than ever

The aviation industry has reached the long waited glamour that died with the world leading airline Pan Am and I have to say it this time, it is back and it's not the Americans neither the European who mastered it, but the Middle East became the world leader in putting the standard of what is luxurious in a flight and what is not, apartment on an A380 yes that is literally how it sounds Etihad Airways the Abu Dhabi based airline introduced in it's jumbo jet a series of apartments with beds, a HD large screen TV,
bathrooms and just for the cherry on top there is a 'Butler' in that aircraft and it is the only airline in the world who introduced something as extravagant of high luxury jet setter feeling in a commercial flight, because assigning air hostesses for each first class passenger is a Cliché so to make the price of the ticket one hundred per cent worth it, they give you a butler but did they stop on that point ? No they did not , they made the A380 so perfect that it can make a Boeing Fan fall in-love with it yes it is that great, the lounge they made in the upper deck, the bar, the design it is just great, there is no enough words to describe the luxury in Etihad and we should not forget the other middle eastern airlines like Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Emirates is the world fastest growing airline in the world with a fleet composed only of wide body airlines and when I said luxury yeah Emirates is pretty luxurious but also innovative, I am sure you are wondering how ? well it is easy Emirates' order of A380 compose 40% of all A380 orders in airbus which means that Emirates is the largest operator of Airbus's Baby but still Emirates thinks that the current version of the A380 is not enough to make it's profits even higher so she asked Airbus and Rolls Royce in her own ways to make the A380neo faster and be available in a short time or she orders the B747-8i because she wants a jumbo jet that can give the airline more than 10% of fuel economy and more passengers.
To finish this with a flavor that will make it even better Qatar Airways plan on introducing all Premium service A319 for it is VIP passengers apparently there are alot of demands for Charter corporate flights asked from Qatar Airways to deliver for it's clients as Qatar Airways CEO says Mr Akber El Baker :

and as it is stated, the Qatar airways Executive fleet is composed of 8 Bombardier business jets including 4 Global 5000 : 2 Global 5000 Visions and 3 Challenger 605 and one Global XRS with a capacity of 13 passengers and for the best in the last the A319 .

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