Thursday, February 12, 2015

and Vintage is back

It is known for its' great service and great punctuality and it is the only one who can get away with anything, well this kind of perfection is only achieved by the German flag carrier airline Lufthansa the world leading airline that never makes any mistake. As the world is missing the old days when people were used to hang around with each other and have fun even though they live in the busiest cities and some of us live a pretty normal life and dreaming about the 60s and 70s on how glamorous it was to put one foot in an airplane, especially if you are a jet-setter, you kind of think about how aviation it used to be , Lufthansa knew what to do, just to put you in a time machine, well just the outside of it, with something as simple as this they will become 'major' with something as trendy as Posh, Lufthansa the world most sophisticated airline introduced the charm of the late 60s in 2016 painting it's brand new baby girl the B747-8i with a vintage livery but with a drizzle of new.

We should not forget that the the German Airline loves and knows how to treat every thing with a great value, like the Junkers Ju 52, that the great airline is taking a good care of and it is in a really good shape to carry passengers, so it can help them fulfill their quest to see the world and make it's name rise like a shining star in the middle of the nights sky . 

Well the queen of vintage doesn't only cherish and full-fill the beauty of the old chic it tries to stay in the trend and with the introduction of it's new B77F (12/02/2015) Lufthansa added more airplanes for its cargo fleet and always will be the only airline in the world who got in it's fleet (past and present) all kind of aircrafts from the narrow body, the wide body to the Jumbo jet .

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