Saturday, February 28, 2015

A new born in May ! Intriguing

This time it is official, beside the fact the CEO of tunisair had a press conference about it but we know it for sure, the tunisian flag carrier airline will receive it's first A332 in time.
It has been pushing the delivery of this aircraft for years since 2011. 

There is a pircture that makes the argument even stronger the A330-200 was seen in the Airbus factory in france Toulouse blagnac airport with the tail printed with the tunisair logo. 

The aircraft will be used for the major routes that tunisair flies to but its main purpose is the long haul routes which is north america and to be precise Montreal for this year and JFK maybe for the next but never forget the Asian routes the Tunisian airline companies Syphax Airlines and Tunisair got the agreement to beside that the airline company got the authorization to fly to chinas two destination airport. Tunisair will receive two of them one in May 2015 and the other in June 2015. The A330 will be fitted with wifi and IFE and it will be separated in 2 classes Business Class (Golf) and Economy. Especially when tunisair will become a Oneworld member the destinations will be numerous and the quality of service will be perfect and get this there will be inflight wifi included in the A332 which is the first north African Airline history to have ever introduced inflight wifi.

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