Monday, January 26, 2015

What is the deal with Syphax Airlines

Titles got stopped in the stock market Syphax Airlines is Suspended in the " Tunisian Stock Market ", an A330-200 with a secret, Airbus is negotiating, syphax negotiating with an other airline to rent aircrafts to replace the A319, so it can continue it's activity .

Syphax Airlines as you know it is a Tunisian Private Airline founded in 2011 right after the tunisian revolution, it's base is Sfax Thyna Airport in Tunisia  operating in several routes in Europe , Middle East Jeddah and Canada (seasonal ) with a few other destinations coming up like New York, Rio ...
Source Wikipedia (as of April 2014 ) 

From certain sources "websites" Syphax airlines will not receive any passenger beginning from March the 28th the reason is stated so "... Syphax Airlines gave back airbus it's aircrafts and is negotiating with an other africain airline to rent aircrafts from ... the A330 was stuck in king abdulaziz int'l Airport because of the engine was broken and must be replaced so Syphax didn't deal with it because it would've cost it a new aircraft ... " 

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" ... Commenting on the affair of the A330 blocked by a big engine failure in Djeddah, Syphax Airlines said that a settlement agreement was set with Airbus Industrie regarding the final recovery of the aircraft. Furthermore and so it can assure it's activity for farther destinations, Syphax Airlines is negotiating for a partner ship with a foreign Airlines Company ... "

source :
" ... Noting that Syphax Airlines terminated it's lease contract from Airbus Leasing for the fact that the A330 has been stalling since the month of October 2014, in Saoudi Arabia, because of an engine failure, the reparation cost was judged to be extravagant ... "

But still syphax airlines is still in operation for now and said that it will not stop operating and will do it's best so every body can buy fare ticket at any time so Syphax stated that the Summer 2015 fares program has been put out and is available for passengers to purchase.  

source :
  "... Lack of financial information for several months, suspicions of accounting irregularities, suspension of trading on the stock exchange for several weeks and since Tuesday the withdrawal of the title of the indices of the Exchange, Syphax Airlines probably needs and urgency of an audit process and communicate the reality of his situation. ... "

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