Sunday, December 28, 2014

Libya a new airline

Political unrest, a country not in shape enough to handle a new airline ? But still Libya hosts a new airline a private one Called Libyan Wings it is a private airline that didn't took operation yet the two A319 are still in Malta international airport and also as any new airline that operates fro
m north Africa it's main quest is to go to Europe and Africa and to be a part of the Mediterranean sea air traffic. There will be 12 business class seat and 108 economy seats ( AKA coach) .

Libyan Airlines didn't lunch yet apparently soon, still waiting to be certified and it will be good to fly, here is the link of the new airline website for the ones who want to be notified

Maybe this new airline will be a good sign to libya and will be the one that will give it the chance to become calm and prosperous again as we always knew it .

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