Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 when are you going to leave us ?

2014 has not been a good year for the aviation industry, aircrafts disappearing, crashing and some of them we don't even know where they are . What is wrong with Malaysia every aircraft going to kuala lumpur or from it to somewhere else something goes wrong ? did the Bermuda triangle changed position to Asia ? 
Today on 28th of December 2014 an other tragedy occured in the Indian ocean, Flight QZ8501 took off at 5:35 a.m. Sunday Local timefrom Juanda International Airport Surabaya (SUB) to Singapore (SUB) a flight where there are 162 lives at stake .  

Hope that every thing will be ok and God maybe with the souls on that airplane .

The Aircraft is an A320-216, with serial number 3648, registered as PX-AXC. It first flew on 25 September 2008, and was newly delivered to airasia on 15 October 2008. It had undergone it's most recent scheduled maintenance on 16 November 2014. The Aircraft is powered by two CFM International CFM56-5B6 engines and is configured to carry 180 passengers .

 The Aircraft before it's disappearance was going through a bad weather . Is history repeating it's self ? Is it the same thing that happened to the Paris Rio flight AF447 in June 2009. If it is the case, Why airbus didn't find a solution for the problem yet ? If Airbus did then it didn't fix it properly .

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