Monday, September 01, 2014

What a year isn't it ?

Flat tires, batteries, aircrafts falling, the other is missing and now one knows about where it is, planes are dying, is the years 2013 and 2014 are bad for the aviation industry ?, and why ? Did the human race though that they've reached certain kind of wisdom and knowledge in the aviation industry and there for I need to tell them that they didn't these last 2 years or maybe 3 years mankind has made aviation not that safe as it used to be, from airline companies who want to make more profits by reducing the maintenance costs and time too so an aircraft will fly more hours than it supposed to be. actually that is one of the reasons that airlines crash, and we should never forget about aircraft manufacturers that some of them they get low quality cheeper parts, wings are being awfully manufactured.

Why does money come before passenger safety ?

And why airlines are stuffing people in the aircraft it's not a bus it's an airplane man kind needs to get some space to feel secure and comfortable enough so he can fly again and to make something of his life after the flight so he can either work or have fun, but the thing is that aircraft manufacturers want to make comfortable airplanes but the airlines are always stuffing more seats in a single aile plane or 2 aile planes, and still when jumbos became available airlines still want more seats in it the A380 or the queen of the skies (B747) companies are still stuffing and suffocating us, but if you want to get some kind of glamorous way to fly well passengers have to pay thousand of dollars to get either on First class or Business class. Airlines think that with the Premium Economy will make life better but still it's economy and the food is not as good as First or business just Economy food put in a nice plate, well actually it's still an expensive ticket to buy, they say because of high fuel prises and everything but I don't believe that is the reason, when we try to connect the dots every thing comes back to money they give less to get more .

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