Friday, September 19, 2014

QATAR AIRWAYS acquires it's new A380-800

After a long wait Qatar airways finally got it's A380, after some issues with airbus which consists of the quality of the seats and the seating map especially in the first class and business class, they found some issues that don't meet with Qatar Airways quality program, so anyways, Qatar Airways as we know it is the national airline of Qatar and it's known for it's high end quality that has set the bar high for all the other airlines in the world and it began with nothing but one aircraft, and now has the fleet of more then 130 A/C and more than 300 on order including the B777-9X (50 of them), and is waiting for 49 B787-8 that are on order too, a big airline isn't it ? , and it has built a new airport for it self because when you are an airline that lands in all six continents and a number of destination that will exceed the 144 countries and a new hub, well the A380 is obviously a must .

So, when Qatar Airways buys the A380 the A/C doesn't and will not go anywhere, it only flies high and chic to glamorous places like Paris on november.  The A388 will go to Paris, London Heathrow ( in october)  of cours and as a third destination New York City JFK, how that doesn't end well, with the high traffic between Doha, LHR, JFK and CDG, Qatar airways will pay up the big beast in no time and it will multiply it's revenue by three at least.

Go check out the Qatar airways webpage and facebook page and you'll see the entire

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