Monday, September 15, 2014

How about the B787-9

Well three companies in the world who got Boeing's new born child, ANA, United and the lunch customer Air New Zealand , the first parent will use the first B789 from auckland to perth and vice versa and the two upcoming aircrafts will be used for the Auckland - Tokyo and Auckland - Shanghai route, with a configuration 18 if first , 21 business, 42 in Premium Economy and 221 in economy, well ANA is using it for regional flights but United is having big plans for it, the longest dream liner route about 16 hours, from LAX to MEL, on october the 26th united will operate the world longest DreamLiner flight in the world with a duration is 16 hours and it gets better it will be wifi fitted with a 48 First / Business class seats, 88 Premium Economy and 204 Economy.    

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