Monday, September 15, 2014

Big news for Tunisians world wide ...

  Well it's finally here, and it's time or never, well Tunisians and Tunisair enthusiast, it has been a long time the A330-200 will be here in Tunis Carthage for the long haul routes, the Flag carrier will get two of them in 2015 and it's pretty soon one in may and the other one in april, so the feud between TunisAir and Syphax Airlines will begin for the cross Atlantic routes and the asian routes, and lets not forget the big guys Emirates, Qatar airways, Airfrance, Royal Air Maroc and Lufthansa, Tunisians favorite long haul airlines, but when a direct flight happen from TUN to every where in the world no Tunisian will ever think about getting those airlines ever . And because of these routes the two airline companies seek to go rival in the aviation industry .
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