Saturday, August 30, 2014

Problem with Tunisair

How is the world A listed airline, got in so much trouble ? 

high ticket prices and a really low shares in the Tunisian Stock market with a high amount of passengers and the only Tunisian airline that got more then 60 destination and still got financial problems, there is definitely something going on in that airline that is kept secret.

You may say that the ex-president A340 that is still in France and TAR pays it's parking fees and the BBJ at TUN are holding TAR from getting new aircrafts and new routes but still it got the China route the Montreal and the NYC .

Why the TAR keep having delays more then 53% of the time and with sit in going on in Tunisian airports, that probably in one of the reasons that Tunisair got delays.

Why when trying to get in touch with the CEO of Tunisair to give some ideas they don't call you back?

An company can't be declared broke especially a flag carrier airline that is partially public .

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