Saturday, August 30, 2014

how the internet works on an aircraft ?

Some times, some things can turn out to be the easiest to understand, like the In-flight wifi ( aka In-Flight internet ), it's just a satellite, an airplane and some posts to send the informations from earth to the satellite and to the aircraft.

Well it's as simple as it sounds. A system that runs through the aircraft goes from the Aircraft to a satellite and from the satellite the posts and back to the aircraft .

And that happens only when the aircraft is over land but when it is over an ocean well it's obvious that there are no posts floating around, information goes from the AC to the Satellite to the Ac again and that is how we get internet on the aircraft .

But if we want to go even further with the details there are some operators involved high end technology so every thing will be secure and if we want to understand every single detail of that operation pages wont be enough to get a full knowledge of what really happens in the air .  Well I just gave you a glimpse of what really happens hope you enjoyed it .

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