Saturday, August 30, 2014

AirPlane Simulators

There is a lot of AirPlane simulators in the world, from million of dollars the one to least expensive on your cell or tablet . I tried x-plane on my computer at first but then it wouldn't work it needed the joystick and super strong device actually it needs the Mac Pro that's what I think any ways, so I deleted it and installed it on my iPod and my sister's iPad I though the design and fluidity will be outstanding but it turns out it's like I got a bucket of ice thrown at my face, it was horrible the AutoPilot is not existant, well still it's not that bad there is the concord and some of the iconic aircrafts like the B777, the B747 and the B737 but the only thing that looks kind of nice is the flight deck and you can't do any thing with it, just two screens on the pilot seat and some basic flight instrument, although x-plane on the computer is perfect I wonder why they made an aircraft simulator for iOS devices that horrible and it could've been the best one , but thank God that FSX doesn't need a joystick you can use it with the mouse and the keyboard and the graphics on it is super amazing the details on aircrafts and the airport and that ATC that works perfectly with a world wide variety of airports and the weather can either be live or chosen I always choose sunny spring weather because it's easier to handle the aircraft especially when there is no joystick and the one is using the mouse or the keyboard having a stable weather is perfect for flying with no problems , FSX is kind of a jewel of the computer aircraft simulators. But we should never forget the mobile crown jewel the one and only it's infinite flight, the world most detailed mobile device simulator and now they just integrated multiplayer on both iOS and android and with alot of aircrafts the B727-737-747-757-767-777-787 and the A321-340-330 cessnas alot more but the only problem is that you can only fly in regions not the whole globe, the fuel in the aircrafts it will not reduce when you fly and there are some other few details that must be made . Actually I hope that IF group is making a computer version because it's the best simulator ever, and for every one how still wonders and doubt's him self if he gets the IF for his device well he should do it with no questions asked because a simulator like that you must try it first and the money that you are going to spend on it is totally worth it .

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