Thursday, January 02, 2014

The world is big, well it seems big since the invention of the B707 the world has shortened and became smaller then ever, you can find friends from your own country that you haven't seen for more then 20 years somewhere in the suburbs of Tokyo, Sydney or London.... since the introduction of the jet age by PanAm and Boeing well back then before the invention of the 707 the DC and Lockheed Martin ruled the world of jets and british with their comet Boeing didn't became a big part only several years ago, when the British comet ceased it's operation and lockheed martin and Mcdonnel Douglas were bought by Boeing, it became the leader of aviation. In october, 17 ,1958 Boeing tried to make it's own legacy by creating and aircraft so superb that will beat the DC and the comet and well it sure did, and from that point when the pilots of the 707 throttled up the 4 engines the jet age began.  Aircraft became more sophisticated then ever,  the B707, the glamorous concord with the super sonic boom a jet airliner that flew in 60 thousand feet in the 70's, the 737 that made small airlines grow, fuel economics and every body could have that opportunity to be in a jet, and sure we should never ever forget about the queen of the skies : 'the B747' well sure the A380 is bigger that it but still the Queen has a glamorous look, when you see a 747 you'll think about extravagant life style where only the richest can fly first class 747, and presidents well they can own these beasts.
In the late 70's there is a european company called Airbus as we all know her as aviation enthusiast was a huge part of the aviation world, step by step it became Boeing worst nightmare, A320 A300, A330, A340 airlines kept buying them, with no stop, and the A380 made airlines love airbus aircrafts even more because airbus made them look big,  but still Boeing made an airplane that is so sophisticated with no black history made it's way through out the years from the late 90's until the next 50 years Boeing made an aircraft that will last for ever well it's the B777, and with the announcement of the B777-X Boeing took all the hight light as far as I know if Lufthansa bought it then it must be good well lufthansa placed and order of several aircraft and that made Boeing PROUD of her self.
Until this day these two mega compagnies are fighting in a war of bad economics where a lot of airline companies have ceased operations, where fuel prices are getting higher every single day, but still who's will be the best this year the B787 or the A350 ? we'll see I'll be tempted to post news about the airline industry world wide, this blog consists on no countries but we share one world one love ( which is aviation ) .
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