Monday, January 06, 2014

As a Tunisian citizen I should give out some information about aerospace in Tunisia, a country that had suffered throughout the years, especially after the revolution the airline industry in Tunisia has dropped, our flag carrier Airline TunisAir an A listed airline that was there for 65 years, transported passengers from Tunisia and to Tunisia, it made the accessing the world easier for every Tunisian citizen, and we should not forget that Tunisia have 3 known airline companies TunisAir Tunisia flag carrier airline, Nouvel air and Syphax airlines (ceased operations in 2015) is the first Tunisian airline to make the transatlantic route to Montreal Canada, and the first one to exploit that route.

Tunisair known as ( notre Gazelle or Ligzela ) she was at first founded by airfrance, when Tunisia was colonized by the French, Tunisair was a big part of the economy, it was the only airline for many years to carry out freight and passengers all over Europe and Africa, it was like the one that gave us the freedome to discover more and more, to have friends all over the planet, to see more, to have more experiences. Tunisair didn't begin with airbus of course, The first aircraft type to be operated was the twin-engined Douglas DC-3 and this was followed from 1954 by the larger four-engined Douglas DC-4, which was used on services to Paris.
The first jet-powered equipment was added in 1961 when the twin-engined Sud Caravelle  was introduced to the fleet. The first of Tunisair's higher capacity the B727  tri-jets was delivered in February 1972.
By 1990, 2 Airbus A320 aircraft were added to its fleet. During 1993-1998, Tunisair began to expand its services across Europe by starting flights to PragueBudapest, WarsawBratislavaLisbonLinzSalzburgGrazMoscowBeirut and Stockholm. And there is a thing that no body cares and gives an importance to TunisAir, well dear readers TunisAir is an A listed airline since it's beginning TunisAir never had craches where people died, and the airplanes were broken. But any way there are still 2 other Tunisian Airlines that makes our faces as a Tunisian even brighter . It's fleet consist on 35 aircrafts 3 A300-600 which they are put on sale, 4 A319, 19 A320 and 5 on orders lately there been some talk that some of them will have sharklets, 4 B737-500, 7 B737-600 which oleo they are put for sale, and 3 A330-200 are for order since 2008 and postponed for this year (2014) .  

The second one is Nouvelair The airline was established in 1989 as Air Liberté Tunisie and started operations on 21 March 1990. It was founded as a charter affiliate of French operator Air Liberté. It is majority owned by Aziz Milad and has more then 614 employees, now Nouvel air is only recruiting (Tunisian Pilots)  Nouvel air is a private airline, that has had a big revolution over the Tunisian Airline industry and it's the first airline to be the competitor of the only state owned airline, and it's main base is monastir international airport. the airline owns 13 aircraft and consists of only 2 A321 and 11 A320.

And here come Syphax the one and the only Tunisian airline that made the first transatlantic flight, from Tunis Carthage to Montreal Pierre Turdeau Airport on October last year . Well Syphax Airlines is a private hybrid airline with its head office on the property of Sfax Thyna International Airport in Sfax Tunisia, on 9th July, 2013 it was reported that Syphax Airlines firmed up its provisional order for three Airbus A320neo and three A320ceo narrowbody aircraft. The aircraft are worth a total of $576 million based on list prices. They will be powered by engines from the CFM International joint venture of General Electric and Safran. A provisional order for the aircraft was announced during the Paris Airshow.
Syphax Airlines orders is the first time as an African based carrier has ordered the Airbus A320neo and marks a significant breakthrough, for Airbus in one of the world’s fastest developing markets. it's fleet consist on the first ever A330 to be owned by a Tunisian Airline, 2 A319, 3 leased A320 and 3 A320 neo on order . 
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