Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Tunisian Aviation Industry and how it connected to things and politics

Some of you might not know about the Tunisian airline industry or Tunisia for that matter, and some of you might know one or two passenger airlines like Tunisair and Nouvelair, even though it is hard to believe that a country has just two airlines, but it is still true.

A lot of things come into consideration to argue the sentence above, one of them is: the Flag carrier airline Tunisair is a monopoly, since it is not only, the flag carrier but also owned by the government and one other major fact that one has to take into consideration which is: the economy is crumbling.

Why this airline has been struggling, well it is easy to comprehend, let's begin with its history and try to picture it, as everyone might know, North Africa was a colony of France and since Tunisia is a part of North Africa it has been colonised, but it was not like any other type of colony, the French still did some good, but it was mainly for their own purpose to live in good conditions, they invested in themselves not in North Africa as others might think, meanwhile things didn't have to cost them as much or sometimes it was free labor after all they are the coloniser, people were slaves they were not workers, so the French created things, they lets say "invested" and one of this investment was Tunisair, at first it was part of Air France but then after Tunisia took its independence Tunisair rose from the ashes of the war, the Tunisian Republic made its full appearance, and the problems began few years after that, when a dictator has taken over the country with his family for more than 23 years, the airline like other companies, has been used for their own profit, so the profit went to them instead of going to the people, and to be used for the country to flourish and become prosperous. They made Tunisair as the only airline company in Tunisia and made it powerful from doing nothing, they used it for traveling and buying aircraft that one of them was never used and nobody is sure whether it is sold or not...(the other company Nouvelair is a private company and can't do much because if Tunisair doesn't do that they can't do it, so the does and don't became more like a law than a purpose)

Nowadays with the Tunisian economy struggling Tunisair is one of the companies that needs to have a big boost, either being sold or they have to take other things into consideration. Its board of direction is basically useless, since they don't approve ideas and improvements that the company desperately needs, but the ministry of transport and the parliament are the responsible ones for such decisions, and considering the international concurrence that already exists, and the airline industry growing fast, when they end up approving something, others have already moved to something else, whether they like it or not, they can monopolise the airline locally but they can never do it internationally, and beside the fact that its main HUB Carthage has never been improved the airline industry will not boost itself up, there is no magic in the world, because the airport is also owned by the government and also instead of bringing money to the state, it is taking money from the people, and some people can't even afford a piece of bread, so the state thinks that these companies will bring money, but they didn't, they pour more money into them, then they repeat the same thing all over again, if you do the same thing more than once and you expect a different result but there isn’t one (by the way that is how one defines addiction) and after what 1,2, 3, 4 or 5 maybe 6 governments since 2011, to be fair I lost count, and as everyone knows the third in this case it might be 6th time is a charm but if it doesn't work get rid of it (by that I don't mean the government I mean the companies or the ideas used and how decisions are made), if you sell, it is not your problem anymore, because now it is not only the state's problem but the people's too, since it is taking their money and they gain nothing from it, to be fair they gain something it called: inflation. 

Well the ministry of Transport has too much on its plate, well it is their own fault, nobody told them to keep owning more than 30 companies, and some of these companies are just useless paperwork that they can easily get rid of by privatizing some of them. Let's get some facts in consideration, these companies are just not profitable anymore they used to be, in the 60s and 70s. These companies bring nothing to the people, like they were supposed to do, instead of giving social care to people these companies became a social case and they become a desperate need for help. They are like a sponge, it soaks all the water, you let it there for a second you come back it and it is dry, the water just poofs in the air, so it is not ready to do anything, so you have to soak it in water again and keep an eye on it, meanwhile other companies are going through the same thing, this blog is about aviation so let's focus on Tunisair. Well Tunisair is like that, you give it money that comes  from people's taxes, to say "let's invest", the money goes somewhere else, like workers need to be paid because we need 4000 people working for just 29 aircraft because that is logic, (because if 29 aircraft can't pay up the number of workers lets give them more money from the people and make the ticket prices for the Tunisian abroad who don't pay their does, cheaper: logic at its finest, around 133 people working on one aircraft) and beside you give it money, you buy its aircraft. One more thing why the ministry of transport is approving the reduction of ticket fares for people who live abroad, "the supposed to be Tunisian", they are people who have taken another country's citizenship, if they don't bring any taxes, if they don't pay their does why should we Tunisians who work our brains out, have to pay for their subvention meanwhile we are the ones who need that money for education, health, infrastructure, and social aid...if a person takes a second citizenship that person is a traitor and is not entitled to anything from their original country, they have taken the other country as their own, they have sworn to the other country, when they come back they should come back as tourists and they should be treated as such. (and most of them keep their citizenship illegally because some countries don’t allow such things) 

Let's say these companies get sold, one thing is sure: the parliament and the Ministries will care about other things, things that are much more important than: "what should the state subvention ?" and one other thing is sure, they will be sold to local companies owned by local Tunisians, and these companies will pay taxes and besides, they will grow themselves by themselves, what they do and how they do is none of the government business as long as they pay their does, don’t take their workers for granted and follow local and international laws, let them be, and eventually they will pay more taxes, for starters money will go to national bank instead of going out from it, therefore we the people will enjoy it, so we can have a better life, so we don't have to be the cause of brain drain, second the people will not worry about corruption, because well it is not owned by the state, the thought of a private company will make the people think and therefore say, 'it is none of our business, as long they are not given our money, let them do whatever they want", so the improvement will focus on other things, like international law for businesses, local laws, making healthcare much better, infrastructure, education, national security, social security, we van even afford to give unemployment benefit and for the cherry on top, less money borrowing from other countries, if the focus of the state and the parliament is on how to make companies profitable it is just reductive and time-consuming, and it has never brought anything good.

They take too much time on taking decisions and it brought nothing but the currency going down and the economy crumbling into pieces for no one to dare to collect and to shape it back, the thing is Tunisair is just an example, other companies are in much worse situation, and lets hope the situation will get better soon, because everyone is fed up on how things are being held and handled.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Aviation how safe it is in this political and economical unrest?

When we talk aviation, we used to talk about travelling and how glamorous it was, but now a days aviation has become more about profit that anything else, which is normal since we are a part if a capitalist world, which it kind of goes well for some passengers but others might think that flying has evolved in something dreadful and something they try to skip it. Low cost airlines has been cramping passengers like a public bus, if you want to sit in comfortable seat you have to pay a lot more, and don't get me started about the carry-ons and the luggage, meanwhile flag carrier airlines are using other things to make profit, which is politics and the technological advancement subventioned by governments and airlines are using these trick and tweaks to reduce the cost of maintenance, which brings up the question: Is the airline industry still safe ? With government still owning shares of major airlines, things might tend to be unseen, either hiring cheap labour or not caring how much the price of the parts would be as long as they are cheap and it won't cost them an extra dime, airlines don't seem to care anymore, they say the prices of fuel have risen, but people are still paying the big buck for a two hour flight ! Either it is a scam and they want us passengers to think that it is normal for ticket prices to be that high or they are actually struggling, which find it quite hard to believe because 2016 was the best year for the aviation industry, and airlines doesn't just invest in a new route or buys more than 100 new aircrafts just because, investment doesn't just rise from the ashes, it rises from the profit that has been made. Hopefully the airlines industry will evolve in something better and stop acting like it is struggling.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

You can put a price on luxury but you can never put a price on time...

As far as I know, one of the reasons which Concord ceased its operations was this : fuel prices got expensive therefor its' plane fare was going to be ridiculous.
Thinking of it, and if we jump to the middle east and by that I mean taking in consideration three of the biggest and most going forward airlines as well known as the Giants of the Arabian Golf: Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad airways. Well why I am talking about them?, actually who isn't, most of aviation blogs, websites, magazines... are mentioning them, since they get free marketing from random people, for starters my blog, they intrigue me on how they work, how they market their brand without spending much, of cours if you compare to other flag carrier airlines, Golf companies tend to do things big and differently.

But lets go back to concord and why did it stop and its direct connection to mega golf companies and go back to Pan American Airlines and the B707 how it was created and how it stayed, lasted and developed into what we have today a larger market for airlines to choose from, the two biggest rivals now are Boeing and Airbus other for business-jets like Embraer, Bombardier, Golfstream... which some of these companies are playing against the big guys, selling their products to some companies which most of them are low cost airlines or subsidiaries, and the other question is the following : Where did the super-sonic jet age go ? why the giants of the golf, are not pushing the aircraft manufacturers to build a super sonic airplane.
Well as far as I am concerned if you want to play against the big guys at least set up you own standards and set up your game.

By that I mean, instead of making a twin engine plane that uses less fuel, why don't they make a new technology, actually it won't be made from scratch and it will not be that much work it will be basically an update for Concord or Concord 2.0, with today advancements and the amount of information that one takes in a minute is tremendous, quite frankly I sometimes get dizzy from it, which leads to, finding the accurate people for the job, is quite easy, they did it before why not now, it will be easier.

One other argument for concord to come back is : Etihad new apartment or " The residence " (A380-800) class with a price tag of more than 50000€ per person, I think concord fare might be less than that, and three times faster. So what is the hold on the super sonic, I think our age is the age of fast time and fast communications, and aviation industry is few years behind, it used to be an industry of innovation but now everything is the same, the only innovation that they are doing is innovating bank accounts, less fuel, same price tag, marketing them selves as clean maniacs just to get more money in, instead of pushing the manufacturers to build something new and innovating they are ordering hundreds of already made aircraft.

Why did I connect Concord to the Giants of the golf ? Let's dot the i, these companies are the new Pan American they are innovating new services, new standards for the airline industry as others did back in the 70s and before, I think if an Airline company manages to sell tickets as high as 50000€ they can still manage to sell plane fares on a super sonic jet. 

Us humans we have an interesting brain that functions in ways that it can be quite amazing, today and taking in consideration the past, the word impossible was deleted from our universal culture, so saying concord will never and it is impossible for its' come back I say that it a lie and there is another reason hidden behind it.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My book

Well, I know this blog is about aviation, but what I am about to tell you and talk about it is a huge chunk of the aviation industry.
Well it is an english grammar book, called "English for Everyone". I have been working on this book for a while, since I am an english student, I wanted to do something new, the book consists of lessons that can be easily understood by everyone, it can help you master the english language, this book will be perfect for you, you might think of it as your english dictionary, you can get throughout this book in no time, the summary will help you get you into the book and to a specific lesson.
From tenses and their use in the english language to grammatical details that it can also, help you to write your essays.
This is the content of the book : 

This book contains 11 chapters each chapter has its’ own lessons: Chapter 1 : Basics   Lesson 1 : Personal Pronouns  Lesson 2 : How to Build a Sentence  Lesson 3 : Auxiliary Verbs : To Be and To Have Chapter 2 : The Present Tenses  Lesson 1 : The Present Simple  Lesson 2 : The Present Progressive or Continuous   Lesson 3 : The Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous Chapter 3 : The Past Tenses   Lesson 1 : The Simple Past  Lesson 2 : The Past Continuous  Lesson 3 : The Past Perfect  Lesson 4 : The Past Perfect Continuous  Chapter 4 : The Future Tenses   Lesson 1 : The Simple Future  Lesson 2 : The Future Continuous   Lesson 3 : The Future Perfect Simple and the Future Perfect Continuous  Chapter 5 : The Positive and Negative Form  Lesson 1 : The Positive and Negative Form  Lesson 2 : The Present Tenses  Lesson 3 : The Past Tenses   Lesson 4 : The Future Tenses Chapter 6 : Questions   Lesson 1 : W/H Questions  Lesson 2 : Yes or No Questions Chapter 7 : Reported Speech  Lesson 1 : Reported Speech Chapter 8 : Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs   Lesson 1 : Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs Chapter 9 : Prepositions   Lesson 1 : Prepositions  Chapter 10 : Possessives   Lesson 1 : Possessives : Pronouns  Lesson 2 : Possessives : Nouns  Lesson 3 : Possessives : Adjectives and Questions Chapter 11 : Determiners and Quantifiers   Lesson 1 : Determiners   Lesson 2 : Quantifiers  Lesson 3 : Indefinite Articles : a and an  Lesson 4 : Definite Article : The 

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Irony in the aviation industry

Back in the days, aviation was something extravagant, only the elite could afford it.
From the propeller to the jet engine. Fuel has been draining the industry which is one of the reasons concord can’t fly anymore, the prices of the tickets got so high that it couldn’t be affordable to the elite, they would rather charter a Privat-jet than be in a commercial flight. Man kind has done something which they did not think through. 

Well if you come to think of it, now fuel, fuel substitutes and efficient aircraft are the new trend because of the past. They never though of this before. It is like someone who just won the lottery and spend their money, in the end nothing is left. What is happening ? I find it quite ironic how the industry works. There were alot of fuel back then and there were no problems, beside the rich who could afford it, but the tickets, back then, were quite high for that time but now, thinking of everything, basically nothing has changed ticket prices are still high and the service of the airline industry has gone down. Aviation has lost its charm of luxury and good quality and decent service for everyone. 

Why I boarded this subject ?

This subject intrigued me for a certain time and I find it quite interesting. 
Well lets begin with this, the airline companies, they buy the fuel and everybody knows that and they want to make profit, it is understandable and good for developing the company especially if it is a flag carrier airline, but they found an idea from who knows of making the aircraft lighter it will help with the consumption of fuel but the tickets are still really high. Some airlines don’t even serve good food inflight there is no platter nothing, just a small sandwich in a paper box for a flight that lasts 2 hours or more on an A320 barely 80% full and paying full price we are talking about more than 400€ economy class and by the way there is no competition in this route. What is the point of doing that ? I think airlines are doing it in a bad manner, well as far as I know airlines do that especially for the routes that only that airline is operating where there is no competition, they might think it is good but I think it is bad, well I don’t think they should trust their intuition after what happened with the fuel prices. If there is only one airline operating at least be worthy, perfect service low prices it will attract more costumers and therefore the airline might upgrade its frequency, from three times per week to 5 or even daily flights.

When I said irony I ment this : the airline industry doesn’t learn from its' mistakes they are searching for fuel now, and then for pilots and at the end for costumers, I think they don’t learn from each other mistakes well beside the aircraft manufacterers they do, well I hope so.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

It has been a while hasn't it ?

well I didn't publish any thing for a while, I had alot of stuff to do ( Sorry ) but mean while I didn't stop loving aviation, I was in the aircraft and playing infinite flight while going home how mad I am ( but I am proud ). My mind was wondering about other stuff and my island hide away is Flying sadly I am not a pilot but still there is some stuff that the one can use so he can enjoy the spare time.
Here is my Flight arround Chicago From KORD to KORD on a B77W of Singapore Airlines.

if the video doesn't work here is the link : here

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

why people who don't know how the airline industry works tend to make comments ?

The airline industry has it's people. People who are interested in that field, they are Pilots, engineers  potential airline workers or just passionate people and aeronautics is their hobby. They are the only people who are allowed to make comments about it because they know every thing about it and they know how it works.

I get mad about comments in Social Media, people who are in aviation groups who make the most ridiculous comments ever and they are really stubborn if someone says to them there is no such aircraft, they get furious, words get said and from a debate between people becomes a war until the group admin deletes it once and for all. These people they don’t only exist in social media but they do the same thing in real life when they are talking to people face to face and horrible things gets said. It is like someone who thinks that Armani is a type of Pasta and they go work at Vogue. At least be civilized search the internet before you say things that hurt other people, no body is 100% right even us aviation geeks when we say something it has to be sure 100% because a type of aircraft or a mistaken technical word can lead to wrong information. You may say they are amateur and they want to learn and making mistakes is a part of the deal, I really agree with that point : ‘but when someone fixes their mistakes they should not be stubborn'. For the cherry on top News Channels which is the big irony, they have connections every where when there is a scoop for a crash or something happened they get the information from investigators them selves or the CEOs but still most of the times they create their own aircraft names like the A747 with a picture of an A320 or any thing else, how do they manage to do it, "I really want to know" that is an enigma for me, investigators can never be wrong and the name of the aircraft is literally in-scripted in the airplane it self.The last time i wrote an article about the pilots and their future in the industry you may think it is not relevant to our subject but it is. Three years ago I was talking to a « friend » (air quote ) and he told me that he wanted to become a pilot so as we know I began talking about aircrafts the new generations AC, airlines and then he stopped me with this question « What is the difference between Airbus and Boeing ? » of cours this was my answer « You don’t know what is the difference between these two and you want to become a Pilot » and then I explained and then he told me « I though airbus was american made » so I walked away and by the way he is studying to become a pilot, still. These people should not be accepted as pilots. Being a Pilot is not about the money, but being a Pilot is about the love that you feel towards airplanes you make people closer, the sky is no longer the limit, it is the only job where a person never gets bored of. I think there should be no more Private Companies who accept people to become pilots just because they have money I think they should do a sorting before you get accepted. Like all private universities do if you want to apply to Harvard or Oxford for a certain program you must qualify first.

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Monday, May 04, 2015

Are pilots place in the industry in jeopardy ?

 Airbus, Boeing .... are they planing to phase out pilots ? Or are they obliged to do that because of airline compagnies ? How airline compagnies will convince the passengers are in a safe hand ?

If we go back in the history line, and see how the B707, the B747 and concorde were invented, actually the airline compagnies are the ones who asked for such things to happen when it comes to the 707 or the 747 Pan Am had an agreement with the american manufacturer to build and produce such aircrafts and they ordered them even before the program began which means financing the manufacturer. But still phasing out pilots it will take years until they can accomplish that perfection. Aircraft now a days are not even that accurate when it comes to systems on board, most of the time the pilots have to disengage it and fly the bird old school. something else, how can a computer deal with the weather that changes every second ? . If we remember flight AF447, because of the weather the autopilot disengaged and even the pilots couldn't rescue it.
You may wonder how I got this subject in my mind well I was talking to my friend once and he told me, did you hear about the airline manufacturers are trying to phase out pilots I told him let me tell you why it will take years before it can even happen and I gave him these arguments :

- the aircraft system is not even close enough to perfection.
- the weather changes all the time ( pitot tubes on the AF447 and how radars couldn't get any information).
- cross-wind landing.
- system bugs.
- no delays in airports for the aircraft to land on time.
- over croweded airports.
- emergency landings when cruising.
- bird strike when taking off, a computer can never land on the hudson river.
- how can they make the passengers trust the aircraft because now most of the passengers don't even trust it. 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Don't worry about your files any more

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Just to dot the "i"

this the the B737-700VIP = BBJ
There has been a rumor rounding on Facebook about the Tunisian Ex-president A340-500 got sold to a Saoudi citizen. First they said it is a boeing 340 I know ! right ! but you can expect this from any normal journal but it was all over the place in the Tunisian News : Print media, radio stations ... but let me clear something. Such an aircraft doesn't exist the Boeing 340 was and will never get built actually its name is airbus A340-500. The aircraft was bought from kingfisher airlines by the Tunisian ex president (under Tunisair) for his vocations with his family, but lets talk about the aircraft itself. As I said it an A340-500, it was bought from Kingfisher airlines was reconfigured by Sabena Technique the company that reconfigured the French Presidential Aircraft in Bordeaux to become presidential. You may wonder why Tunisair didn't use the aircraft for its long haul flights instead they put it on sale and waiting for the money to purchase the A330-200 but the worse has happend ZABA flew out from the country a several weeks after the internal configuration of the A340 ( fuel reservoir, presidential system ... )
this is the A340-500 it has 4 engines and longer than the B737-700BBJ
even though some say that Tunisair doesn't have the resources to fly the Aircraft it's not true because it's an airbus and Tunisair fleet is composed, mainly of A320 and the Tunisian pliots are one of the best in the world so a few hours of training will be enough to fly the thing and some say Tunis Carthage airport can not handle the Aircraft to be kept in it or even the maintenance of Tunisair is not capable of handling such a huge aircraft but get this Emirates comes with the A340-500 to Tunis Carthage from DXB so I think they can handle it's maintenance (rumor alert) ... wierd !  but anyways, a week after ZABA flew the country "running away" ( with the BBJ=B737-700VIP ) the A340-500 reconfiguration was terminated it was fitted with a VIP entirior apperantly Louis Vuitton did the leather and every thing else so it is actually really expensive no such thing will be sold for only 110 million euros but they said that the aircraft it was sold to an Saoudi Citizen which is not true the AC is still in Bordeaux waiting for its buyer to come which it will be quite hard because it is a presidential and fitted with high-end security. Finding a buyer will be a challenge. The other rumor is the BBJ. The B737-700VIP can not be sold because every president needs to have an aircraft to fly on, he can not buy a ticket from an Airline to fly to his destinations that is quite disturbing and from latests reports they said that AC is in Jeddah Int'l Airport, after the revolution the pilot spoke on TV about the flight he said that they flew back with the BBJ and left Ben Ali there also I personally saw the aircraft so many times taking off from Tunis Carthage once over EL MANZAH 1 (Morning) in Tunis and the other time on the high way A1 route Ben Arous I saw the tail and I found it on flightradar24 ...  and for the cherry on top here is an other argument that proves what I said from the they say it all 

Thank you all.

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